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Brand: OLFA Model: BLA MTB10B
Olfa MTB-10B 12.5mm Endurance Blade For: CS-5 multi-tool Cat No: MTB-10B Qty: 10 /Pack This pack of 10 silver snap-off blades is specifically for our CS-5 multi-tool. The blades are designed to cut through packaging, linoleum, vinyl, foam board and other materials. The double-hone..
R 96.54
Ex Tax:R 83.95
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA RB45-2
OLFA® 45 mm Rotary Cutter Blade For: Olfa Rotary cutter models  RTY-2/G   RTY-2/DX   RTY-2/NS   RTY-2/C   45-C Cat No: RB45-2 Qty: 2 /Pack These replacement blades are designed for OLFA® rotary cutters used for quilting, sewing and general crafts. This OLFA® rotary blade cuts ..
R 178.25
Ex Tax:R 155.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA RB45H
OLFA® 45mm Endurance Rotary Blade For: Olfa Rotary cutter models  RTY-2/G   RTY-2/DX   RTY-2/NS   RTY-2/C Cat No: RB45H-1 Qty: 1 /Pack This OLFA® Endurance Rotary Blade cuts TWO TIMES as long as our standard rotary blades. The expertly-honed tungsten tool steel blade with propri..
R 97.75
Ex Tax:R 85.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA SKB2
Olfa® Utility Trapezoid Blades For: Olfa cutter model:  SK-4   SK-9   UTC-1 Cat no: SKB-2/5B Qty: 5 /Pack Keep these OLFA® multipurpose blades on hand, and you'll never have a dull blade again. (SKB-2/5B) Good For: Use in commercial, industrial, retail and distribution facilities...
R 56.35
Ex Tax:R 49.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA SKB710B
Olfa® Safety Knife Blades For SK-7 For: Olfa cutter model:  SK-7 Cat no: SKB-7/10B Qty: 10 /Pack When you use the OLFA® SK-7 safety knife, you won't settle for anything less than Olfa quality. That's why you'll want to keep these replacement blades on hand. Good For: Use in commer..
R 79.35
Ex Tax:R 69.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA SWB1
Saw blade for 18mm cutters Model: SWB-1 For: 18mm cutters Qty: 1 Good For: Converting any 18mm Olfa cutter into a wood saw.....
R 102.35
Ex Tax:R 89.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA TCB1
Olfa® Blades For TEC-1 For: Olfa cutter model: TEC-1 Cat no: TCB-1 Qty: 3 /Pack Set of 3 blades for TEC-1 blades . It can perfectly cut textile, hemming, without causing damage. Particularly suitable for cutting and making small cuts using the work piece through the work piece suc..
R 90.85
Ex Tax:R 79.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA TSB1
Olfa® Blades For TS-1 For: Olfa cutter model:  TS-1 Cat no: TSB-1 Qty: 5 /Pack Top Sheet Cutter replacement blade fits the OLFA Top Sheet Cutter. Ideal for cutting coupons, printed articles, and other tasks that require only a single, top sheet to be cut and the material beneath ..
R 35.65
Ex Tax:R 31.00
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR 45C
Olfa® 45-C Rotary Maru-Cutter 45mm Replacement blades: List Blades Cat no: 45-C The OLFA 45-C Rolling Scissors feature a rotary blade and a flat bottom for controlled cutting without damaging the surface underneath. The blades can also be quickly and easily replaced at the end of thei..
R 273.70
Ex Tax:R 238.00
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR A-1
Olfa® Auto-Lock Utility Knife With Blade Snapper Replacement blades: Standard duty - AB   Ultra-Sharp Black Blade - ABB   Stainless steel - AB-S Solid type - AB-SOL   Sharper angled - SAB Cat no: A-1 The longtime seller “A” has been fully remodeled and now called “A-1”. ..
R 90.85
Ex Tax:R 79.00
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR BNL
BN-L Heavy-Duty Cutter Heavy-Duty Cutter with a uniquely designed, comfortable ergonomic handle. Cat no: BN-L Blade Size: 18 mm A popular heavy-duty cutter featuring a contoured handle, a ratchet wheel blade lock and a heavy gauge stainless steel blade channel that holds blade tight...
R 109.25
Ex Tax:R 95.00
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR CK2
Olfa Craft knife CK-2 Professional Hobby Knife. Cat no: CK-2 Blade: CKB2 Heavy-duty craft knife, featuring a specially designed stainless steel blade for wood carving and hobby craft. With screw lock. Stainless steel handle. Made in Japan. Good For: Hobby craft work, outdoor and ..
R 103.50
Ex Tax:R 90.00
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