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Brand: OLFA Model: BLA SAB10B
OLFA® 30 degree cutter blade (9 mm) For: Olfa 9 mm cutter models  A1   SAC-1 Cat No: SAB-10B Qty: 10 /Pack 10 sharper angled blades in a plastic case. Better-suited for precise cutting. Blister packed.  ....
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Ex Tax:R 99.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA SKB10B
Olfa® Utility Blades For SK-10 For: Olfa cutter model:  SK-10 Qty: 10 /Pack Used with OLFA's concealed blade safety knife, these blades are designed with safety in mind. The blade has four positions to provide four cutting surfaces and and blade replacement. The blades cut shrink ..
R 90.85
Ex Tax:R 79.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA SWB-5
Olfa® Saw Blade For CS-5 For: Olfa cutter model:  CS-5 Cat no: SWB-5/1B Qty: 1 /Pack This saw blade is used on the OLFA CS-5 multi-tool. Ideal for working on drywall or general demolition.(SWB-5/1B) Good For: Cutting drywall and general demolition. Also used for cutting cardboard,..
R 125.35
Ex Tax:R 109.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA WAB451
Olfa® Stainless Steel Wave Blade For: Olfa cutter model:  RTY-2/DX Cat no: WAB45-1 Qty: 1 /Pack This durable, stainless steel blade has a razor-sharp edge. Wave edging is very popular among people making crafts such as memory books and scrapbooks. The blade is designed to be use..
R 113.85
Ex Tax:R 99.00
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR AK-5
Olfa® Designer Art Knifewith 30 blades &; art needle Cat no: AK-5 This designers Art cutter with a spatula edge package includes 30 blades and a needle. The square-shaped spare blade case works as a stand when connected to the blade cover. The additional needles can be used for plastic ..
R 136.85
Ex Tax:R 119.00
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR AK4
Olfa® Designer Art Knife Professional Cat no: AK-4 Precision art knife for professionals, part of the Comfort Grip series featuring anti-slip cushion grip handles. Comfort Grip handles provide premium comfort and are acetone resistant. The perfectly balanced design for accuracy and sta..
R 281.75
Ex Tax:R 245.00
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR CMP1
Olfa Circle Cutter CMP-1 OLFA® Compass Circle Cutter (CMP-1) Cat no: CMP-1 You'll use this OLFA® circle cutter on a variety of craft projects, from model making to photography, scrapbooks and signs. The cutter is ideal for cutting paper, film, acetates, cardboard and light wood. Stan..
R 140.30
Ex Tax:R 122.00
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR CMP1DX
Olfa Circle Cutter CMP-1/DX OLFA® Compass Circle Cutter (CMP-1/DX) Cat no: CMP-1 Standard-duty circle cutter easily and efficiently cuts clean, perfect circles from 1.6cm to 22cm in diameter. The ground-breaking patented ratchet mechanism reduces wrist fatigue. Designed for both right..
R 194.35
Ex Tax:R 169.00
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR CMP3
Olfa Circle Cutter CMP-3 OLFA® Compass Circle Cutter (CMP-3) Cat no: CMP-1 The ground-breaking patented ratchet mechanism of the rotary circle cutter easily and efficiently cuts clean, perfect circles from 4 to 22cm every time. Designed for both right and left-handed use and reduces wr..
R 320.85
Ex Tax:R 279.00
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR H1
Olfa with Rubber Inset Grip OLFA® Rubber Inset Grip Ratchet-Lock Utility Knife Blade Size: 25 mm Cat no: H-1 Choose this rubber-grip OLFA® utility knife when you want ultimate control. The knife has a symmetrical design, so it can be use by both right- and left-handers. Use this uti..
R 182.85
Ex Tax:R 159.00
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR HOK1
Olfa Hook OLFA® HOK1 Adjustable Ratchet-Lock Hook Cutter Blade Size: HOB-1 - Hook blade Cat no: HOK-1 Retractable hook blade cutter. Have a high cutting performance and can be used so as not to damage surfaces or inner contents of packages. The hook blade can be fully retracted into ..
R 178.25
Ex Tax:R 155.00
Brand: OLFA Model: CTR HSW-1
Olfa HSW-1 retractable blade saw Blade Size: 25 mm Cat no: HSW-1 The 25mm wide blade delivers ultra-sharp cutting and extra toughness. The electroless-nickel-plated full-fledged toothing blade offers compact design for use anywhere. The HSW-1 comes with retractable saw blade with a geare..
R 332.35
Ex Tax:R 289.00
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