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Brand: CRC Model: TRG0010
Q20 Multi Purpose Lubricant Q20 is the Leading Moisture Repellent for protecting and removing moisture from wet ignition systems on Cars, Trucks, Motorbikes, Marine Engines and Electric Motors. Q20 overcomes and prevents stubborn starting and stalling in damp climates and havy downpours. Its un..
Model: 543-200
Type AWM Digital: Digital measuring technology for quickly determining and transferring angles. * Quickly determine and transfer interior and exterior angles in the range from 0° - 180°.* Digital display for easy reading of measurement data. * The large digits of the display make it easier..
Brand: STABILA Model: 543-191
TECH700 DA  digital electronic angle finder - 3 in 1 - more than just a digital electronic angle finder Extremely versatile - the TECH700 DA digital electronic angle finder. A high-quality product made in Germany that perfectly combines three tools: angle finder, spirit level and bevel gau..
Brand: STABILA Model: 551-222
As adaptor screwAdaptor screw for mounting laser with 1/4" threads onto construction tripods with 5/8" threads. Rotatable platform to align the laser in the desired direction. ..
Brand: STABILA Model: 551-002
SR 100 batter board holder - Tough holder for use on batter boards. * Secure mounting of lasers or theodolites on batter boards.* Holder with flexible guide rail allows quick positioning and precise alignment of the device via a reference point, for example, when transferring axes on the constr..
Brand: STABILA Model: 503-204
Type SG chalk-line toolMeasuring and marking are two sides of the same coin for many tasks on a building site. A pencil, lacing cord as well as a chalk-line and colour powder are the classic tools for marking and orientation. * For marking the layout on the floor, wall or ceiling.* Hook with cu..
Model: 551-024
GA thread adaptor Thread adaptor for mounting lasers with 5/8" threads onto tripods with 1/4" threaded screws. ..
Brand: STABILA Model: 555-275
LD 520 laser distance measurer - Digital target locator - the smart way to measure.Visually locate tour target outdoors up to 200 meters, using the built-in camera with 4x zoom function, even when the laser point is not visible. Transfer the data via the integrated Bluetooth Smart 4.0 technology to ..
Brand: STABILA Model: 555-125
LD 220 laser distance measurer - Measuring made easy Compact, handy and user-friendly, with four basic functions for measuring up to a distance of 30 metres. The LD 220 is a professional entry level tool for the most frequently needed measuring tasks, giving you accurate results and ultimately ..
Brand: STABILA Model: 551-012
LB laser gogglesLaser goggles increase the visibility of the laser beam (by up to 50%). No protective laser goggles. ..
Brand: STABILA Model: 570-200
Optical levels are the traditional measuring tool for transferring heights. Generations of craftsmen appreciate the simple operation and quick reading of height differences. * Optical level with 26x magnification allows height differences to be read and transferred easily, even at great distanc..
Brand: STABILA Model: 570-051
F24 Builders Level The F-levels feature first-class optics with 24 x, 28 x or 32 x magnification, a top quality magnetic-damped compensator and a modern design. Perfect for use under tough conditions. This unit is supplied as a kit which includes a 5 meter telescopic staff in a carry bag, a rob..
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