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Brand: STABILA Model: 570-401
F32 Builders Level The F-levels feature first-class optics with 24 xx, 28 x or 32 x magnification, a top quality magnetic-damped compensator and a modern design. Perfect for use under tough conditions. This unit is supplied as a kit which includes a 5 meter telescopic staff in a carry bag, a ro..
Brand: STABILA Model: 542-335
Type 93 ZS hose spirit level * Especially suitable for electrical installations, e.g. for transferring the height of switches or plug sockets. * Suitable for DIY measuring tasks. * Spirit level for heights, e.g. from one room to another.* Two plastic cylinders with printed scale (130 ..
Brand: STABILA Model: 551-220
LA-5P point laser - Perfect transfer of 90 degree angles.This pocket-size laser is easily carried around at work, it's robust yet light with the renowned STABILA standard of accuracy. It has easy to see bright narrow laser dots. Heights and plumb points can be transferred to a high degree of accurac..
Brand: STABILA Model: 551-014
NK 100 base plateBase plate for positioning lasers at the desired working height. Height-adjustable wall bracket, 80 mm adjustment. Quick pre-positioning using a catch, can be fine-tuned using a set screw. Attach to a profile rail with a thickness of no more than 2 mm or fix with a nail. It can also..
Brand: STABILA Model: 551-480
LAX 300 cross line plus plumb point laser - For marking out the floor, wall and ceiling at the same time. Be more efficient and productive with the levelling and alignment features of the LAX 300. You can level and plumb, the floor, walls and ceiling with one setup. This makes life so much easi..
Brand: STABILA Model: 551-485
LAX 300 G cross line plus plumb point laser - Green laser lines for optimum visibility in bright indoor lighting conditions. The LAX 300 G is the ideal partner for interior construction professionals who need accurate laser lines with optimum visibility. The innovative STABILA GREENBEAM technol..
Brand: STABILA Model: 551-350
LAX 50 cross line laser - Extremely flexibleThis self levelling laser is the one if you are looking for a less expensive alternative. The laser comes with an innovative tripod which can be transformed in a few minutes into an extension pole, this flexible solution solves all of your levelling needs...
Brand: STABILA Model: 551-043
REC 300 Digital Rotating Laser Receiver with Bracket - Digital/numeric measurements over large distances - suitable for red rotation lasers. Receivers are mainly used outdoors but can also be used for large distances indoors. There are two different types of receiver: One for receiving rotation..
Brand: STABILA Model: 551-465
FLS 90 floor line laser - Exact 90 degree angle on the floor, visible up to 15 m.This handy laser lets you work fast and precise whether you are laying floor tiles, parquet, laminate, carpeting or PVC. Thanks to the STABILA floor-line optics two straight laser lines are focused on the floor forming ..
Model: 551-045
REC 220 Laser Line Receiver with Bracket - For measurements over large distances - suitable for pulse-modulated solid line red lasers. Receivers are mainly used outdoors but can also be used for large distances indoors. There are two different types of receivers:  one for receiving rotatio..
Brand: STABILA Model: 551-490
LAX 400 multi-line laser - The professional laser for interior constructionThe LAX 400 brings high-end laser performance to all your jobs. It's a complete solution combining multi-laser functions for all of your indoor aligning and levelling work, reducing mark-up time to a minimum. With the help of..
Brand: STABILA Model: 551-120
The STABILA Pointerman is a precision high quality class 2 laser level that will make many of your levelling and alignment tasks much easier. Manual point laser with 90° Penta prism. The quick Jack-of-all-trades for all around the house. * The new STABILA Pointerman has been specially desi..
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