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Forstner Drill Bits

Brand: PRO-TECH Model: KP1813
Special Hinge Boring Bit   Carbide Tipped These bits are designed to drill flat bottom blind holes for European style hinges. Flat bottom boring bits are also used for drilling large diameter thru-holes without the plug that is typical when using a hole saw. These thru-hole bits are used for ..
R 588.57
Ex Tax:R 511.80
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES768121
Festool Brad point CP-WD 2,5x14,5 Order number: FES768121 Model: CP-WD 2,5x14,5 ..
R 216.14
Ex Tax:R 187.95
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES768123
Festool Brad point CP-WD 2,5x19 Order number: FES768123 Model: CP-WD 2,5x19 ..
R 241.96
Ex Tax:R 210.40
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES768128
Festool Brad point CP-WD 2,5x7,5 Order number: FES768128 Model: CP-WD 2,5x7,5 ..
R 174.20
Ex Tax:R 151.48
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES496472
Festool Forstner drill bit FB D 15 CE-Zobo Order number: FES496472 Model: FB D 15 CE-Zobo ..
R 726.93
Ex Tax:R 632.11
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES496473
Festool Forstner drill bit FB D 20 CE-Zobo Order number: FES496473 Model: FB D 20 CE-Zobo ..
R 907.58
Ex Tax:R 789.20
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES496474
Festool Forstner drill bit FB D 25 CE-Zobo Order number: FES496474 Model: FB D 25 CE-Zobo ..
R 1,097.92
Ex Tax:R 954.71
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES496476
Festool Forstner drill bit FB D 35 CE-Zobo Order number: FES496476 Model: FB D 35 CE-Zobo ..
R 1,465.68
Ex Tax:R 1,274.50
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES496390
Festool Forstner drill bit set FB Set D 15-35 CE-Zobo Order number: FES496390 Model: FB Set D 15-35 CE-Zobo ..
R 5,548.68
Ex Tax:R 4,824.94
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES769365
Festool Guide extension PL-GD D12 12x110 Order number: FES769365 Model: PL-GD D12 12x110 ..
R 1,300.08
Ex Tax:R 1,130.50
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES769364
Festool Guide extension PL-GD D9 12x185 Order number: FES769364 Model: PL-GD D9 12x185 ..
R 1,900.11
Ex Tax:R 1,652.27
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES768182
Main applicationsUsing the GDP D10-40 A, almost all fascia systems can be drilledHigh precision due to the guide bush and precisely machined adapter; for guiding the staircase bits no guide sleeves are neededPerpendicular holes can be easily and precisely checked using the inbuilt waterlevel: limiti..
R 23,342.07
Ex Tax:R 20,297.45
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