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Brand: PG Model: PG568
R 50.72
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Brand: OLFA Model: BLA HSWB-1
Olfa Pull-Saw Blade Cat No: HSWB-1/1B Qty: 1 /Pack Sawing is hard work ... unless you have a high-quality blade. This solid saw blade from OLFA® makes the saw do the work, not you. You'll see — and feel — the difference in this blade, crafted of sturdy carbon tool steel. (HSWB-1/1B) ..
R 154.10
Ex Tax:R 134.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA KB4R5
Olfa KB4-R Curved Carving Blades Cat No: KB4-R Qty: 5 /Pack Any project that requires you to carve through delicate materials and make intricate cuts calls for OLFA® curved carving blades. This blade is produced using OLFA's precise multi-step production process for unparalleled sharp..
R 120.75
Ex Tax:R 105.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA TCB1
Olfa® Blades For TEC-1 For: Olfa cutter model: TEC-1 Cat no: TCB-1 Qty: 3 /Pack Set of 3 blades for TEC-1 blades . It can perfectly cut textile, hemming, without causing damage. Particularly suitable for cutting and making small cuts using the work piece through the work piece suc..
R 90.85
Ex Tax:R 79.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA SWB1
Saw blade for 18mm cutters Model: SWB-1 For: 18mm cutters Qty: 1 Good For: Converting any 18mm Olfa cutter into a wood saw...
R 102.35
Ex Tax:R 89.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA SKB-2S-10B
Olfa® Utility Steel Blade For: Olfa cutter model:  SK12 Qty: 10 /Pack 10 spare blades for the all stainless steel safety knife 'SK-12' in a plastic case. Blister Packed...
R 120.75
Ex Tax:R 105.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA SKB10B
Olfa® Utility Blades For SK-10 For: Olfa cutter model:  SK-10 Qty: 10 /Pack Used with OLFA's concealed blade safety knife, these blades are designed with safety in mind. The blade has four positions to provide four cutting surfaces and and blade replacement. The blades cut shrink ..
R 90.85
Ex Tax:R 79.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA SKB810B
Olfa® Safety Knife Blades For SK-8 For: Olfa cutter model:  SK-8 Cat no: SKB-8/10B Qty: 10 /Pack When you use the OLFA® SK-7 safety knife, you won't settle for anything less than Olfa quality. That's why you'll want to keep these replacement blades on hand. Good For: Use in commer..
R 89.70
Ex Tax:R 78.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA MTB10B
Olfa MTB-10B 12.5mm Endurance Blade For: CS-5 multi-tool Cat No: MTB-10B Qty: 10 /Pack This pack of 10 silver snap-off blades is specifically for our CS-5 multi-tool. The blades are designed to cut through packaging, linoleum, vinyl, foam board and other materials. The double-hone..
R 96.54
Ex Tax:R 83.95
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA LB-SOL-10
18mm Solid Blades Cat No: LSOL-10B Qty: 10 /Pack Whether your a professional or a working on your 'honey-please-do' list, you'll appreciate the reliability of these OLFA® blades. Use these blades for construction materials including drywall, linoleum, carpet, flooring, insulation, a..
R 91.94
Ex Tax:R 79.95
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA AB10
9mm Steel Snap-Off Blades For: 9mm cutters Qty: 10 /Pack 10 standard-duty blades in a plastic case with a blade disposal container. Good For: Applications such as paint, window film and packaging. Cuts tape, shrink wrap, wallpaper, film, cardboard, caulking and more...
R 54.05
Ex Tax:R 47.00
Brand: OLFA Model: BLA AB10B
9mm Silver Snap-Off Blades, 10 Pack Model: AB-10B For: 9mm cutters Qty: 10 /Pack This pack of 10 silver snap-off blades is a lifesaver when you're busy working on a project. Simply insert a blade in your OLFA® knife, and you've got 130 more blade edges to work with. The blades are des..
R 63.95
Ex Tax:R 55.61
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