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Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES496308
Festool Saw blade HW 160x2,2x20 TF48 LAMINATE/HPL Order number: FES496308 Model: HW 160x2,2x20 TF48 ..
R 2,957.13
Ex Tax:R 2,571.42
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES435450
Main applicationsFor hard building panels and cement-bonded fibreboardItems Includedin self-service display packAdapted forfor AXT 50 LATechnical DetailsDiameter 170 mm Hole ø 30 mm No. of teeth 56 Tooth shape TF Cutting width 2,0 mm Chip angle -4 °Commercial InformationNet weight 0,388 kg Gros..
R 4,145.38
Ex Tax:R 3,604.68
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES492052
Festool Saw blade HW 190x2,6 FF TF54 LAMINATE/HPL Order number: FES492052 Model: HW 190x2,6 FF TF54 ..
R 4,487.32
Ex Tax:R 3,902.02
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES489458
Festool Saw blade HW 190x2,6x30 TF54 LAMINATE/HPL Order number: FES489458 Model: HW 190x2,6x30 TF54 ..
R 3,744.83
Ex Tax:R 3,256.37
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES493200
Festool Saw blade HW 210x2,4x30 TF60 LAMINATE/HPL Order number: FES493200 Model: HW 210x2,4x30 TF60 ..
R 4,419.59
Ex Tax:R 3,843.12
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES500123
Festool Saw blade HW 216x2,3x30 WZ/FA60 LAMINATE/HPL Order number: FES500123 Model: HW 216x2,3x30 WZ/FA60 ..
R 5,129.31
Ex Tax:R 4,460.27
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES489459
Festool Saw blade HW 225x2,6x30 TF64 LAMINATE/HPL Order number: FES489459 Model: HW 225x2,6x30 TF64 ..
R 4,333.56
Ex Tax:R 3,768.31
Brand: FESTOOL Model: FES494606
Festool Saw blade HW 260x2,5x30 WZ/FA64 LAMINATE/HPL Order number: FES494606 Model: HW 260x2,5x30 WZ/FA64 ..
R 5,293.82
Ex Tax:R 4,603.32
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